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    Therapy Game for kids - Hold it!

    Hold It:

    Goal of the game:
    • Strengthen attractor muscles of the shoulder blade for player who is trying to put the staff on the floor.
    • Corrects spine deformation.
    • Strengthen spine muscles of the chest area.
    • Strengthen muscles of the buttocks
    • Strengthen chest muscles.

    Tools: wooden or gym staff (pole) for 2 players.

    Players: Not less then 2 players.

    Preparation an implementation :

    1. Players lie on the floor in front of each other.
    2. One player holds staff (pole) from above and other - from below.
    3. Both players keep theyr arms lifted.
    4. The player whose hands are on the top of staff (pole) - tries to push it down to the floor.
    5. Player who holds his hands below - tries to ressist pressure.
    6. If player pushes staff (pole) to the ground - he gets point.
    7. If player cannot push staff(pole) to the ground - other player gets the point.
    8. This must last for 5-8s.
    9. Exercise must be repeated 4-8 times.
    10. Players cant make fast motion, pressure must be consistant.
    11. If  player holds with elbows or lift his chest from the floor - he is disqualified.

    For kids i recommend to make pairs from about the same physical capasity children. Because if you make bad pairs, the results will be minor, because stronger kid, will always win and other player will be demotivated.

    Exercise is simple, but gives good results for upper part of the spine, and muscular strength.

    For adults i still recommend to do this exercise with other people ( family member). Because this exercise requare static resistance from other person if holding from  the bottom, or dynamic pressure if pressing from the top. 

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